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Games With Gold Go To January 2014?

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I'm wondering if Games with Gold, since the Internet says is stops this month, but some people say the announced it was permenant. I was just wondering since I just got Gold for the first time this November, and hopefully I get to use it to it's full extent...

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    It is now an ongoing thing


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    Yay! I have nothing to worry about! Thanks!

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    Yeah was extremely happy when it became a permanent offer and now I'm wondering what type of games that they are giving away now since they managed to get out xbox 1 out now I hope that they decided to release some free quality games for us now XD!!

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    Halo and Gears of war were good. And this last one Kill many robots is fun but might get old fast.

    Any one here played with Mr Lionel Hutz?

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    To be honest I thought that shoot many robots got realy boring, they could possibly give us decent games like halo 3 and dead rising were instead of giving us rubbish ones like crackdown and defence grid. If they have us far cry 2 or gta iv (there still old games) people will be happy and will play them more often. Even a simple MW2 will keep us all happy or even LEAFT 4 DEAD 2 or something. Stop giving us terrible games! Gears Of War was alright but you can only play it once, it has 0% replay ability (it's fun at first but there is no way you can play it a 2nd time because it's boring) and the multiplayer is boring aswell.

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    It is great that you have an opinion on Shoot Many Robots, however this is not the place to give that opinion. Make a post in this forum for discussion about the game

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    I'm content with the free games  . I've tried everyone and defense grid was one of  the games I bought DLC for . It's a great strategy game   , not rubbish like that fool called it.  Xbox Live is   on the verge to become  something very special  .

    Keep up the great work..

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    As both a Live and Playstation Plus customer, the games that we're getting on Live are really quite poor by comparison. I was pleased with Crackdown and Dead Rising 2 but both of these games are ancient and available to purchase for less than £10 and I've not wanted to download anything else or already have them on disc. PS+, in the last few months alone, have given us Remember Me, Metal Gear Revengeance, Grid 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted and this month we are getting DMC and Borderlands 2 this is without the free stuff I get for Vita and PS4.

    It's nice that Microsoft have started to do this, but I think they need to look much harder at what they are offering and how, or even if, it competes with the competition.

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    Yes but you have to remember the pros and cons to both sides. While the games XBL is offering are pretty old and some not all that great, the great part is  that you own them, even if you stop paying for XBLG. While for PS Plus, you do get newer games, they aren't anything more then glorified rentals because as soon as you cancel that PS Plus membership, they are gone.

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    Owning rubish or renting class? PS+ is much more attractive. Why would I like owning a game I never play, instead of renting a game, I'd enjoy? Perhaps it's just me, but I'm a gold member for years and I don't intent to stop, so renting a game and owning it are nearly the same thing.

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    Well thats you. Not everybody can afford the subscription all the time.

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