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Purchased a game but cannot download it?

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The Xbox Live ultimate games sale has started and I was quick to try and dive in to get some deals.

I purchased Borderlands 2 no problem. It's downloading now. I try and purchase Far Cry 3 and I got an error saying I could not purchase it at that time. I then received an email confirming I purchased BOTH Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3. If I go back to the marketplace I only have an option to purchase Far Cry 3 for a second time.

I have access to my banking online and I checked that. It did take the payment for both games.

Has anyone had this issue before? Any solutions?

I don't want to try and purchase anymore games yet if this will happen to them all.

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    If you purchased your game go on your system to Account Managment and then to your download history and see if the games are in your history if they are try and download them again. If they are not there then contact customer support and explain the situation to them preferably over the phone.

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    Thank you. That worked. All other games downloaded without a problem. Time to start playing them all! ^^