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Xbox error codes 80122725 and 80153018

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So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to Gamestop and bought 2 Microsoft Points cards. They were each 1600, btw. I came home, tried to redeem them and one gives me the first code, the second gives me the other code. I've tried looking them up and nothing. I waited until the next day, same thing. Next day, same thing. I've tried every day and still nothing. Starting to get a little pissed. Any ideas?

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    This might help:

    Clear your cache. Three times in a row (this is important):

    Redownload your profile:

    Try to redeem them again.

    You can also try to redeem them on

    Hope this helps!


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    Hey Xanatos!

    By the looks of things after searching through the error code look up there's no response to the error codes (it's saying there's no results found for the codes). All I can alternatively say is follow the steps that Relnah has provided and if it still is giving you errors then I would suggest heading back to GameStop to make sure that they activated the codes upon initial purchase.

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    Hey guys, so I had to talk to Microsoft for a while and they had me go to Gamestop with my receipt and a reference code from Microsoft. Gamestop called up Microsoft and verified they sold them and Xbox said they hadn't been activated. After about 45 minutes, they squared everything away by deactivating the codes I was given and they gave me 2 new codes. The error codes meant they weren't activated, in case you were wondering.

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    thanks for the info, glad you sorted

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