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Turtle Beach X42 XBox One Adapter - Not Available to Purchase?!

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Hey Guys,

What gives?! I purchased some Turtle Beach x42 wireless headphones to use with my XBox 360. I purchased them in September or October of this year and was assured that, come release date for the XBox One, there would be some form of adapter (if they didn't work with the controller out of the box). I now find out that Turtle Beach is offering the adapter for FREE but only as a bundle with new purchases of headphones and there's NO possibility of purchasing the adapter without buying the new headphones. Normally I would complain to Turtle Beach but they said that this is Microsoft's doing and that THEY'VE said that the adapters are not to be sold individually. WHY?! Why would you do that to a customer? So I got to enjoy a 159.00 pair of headphones for 3 months and now they're useless because Microsoft doesn't want you to enjoy Stereo sound?

What do you intend on doing for the masses that already purchased and enjoy their deluxe headphones?

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    I am not exactly positive about this but as far as I know Microsoft has no control over Turtle Beaches business practices. TB is a third party company which sells accessories for Microsoft products. If TB says you have to pay extra for the adapter I would assume its their doing and not MS. Think of it like this... why would Microsoft dictate the price of adapters to Turtle Beach when they have no investment in the company?

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    Gateway is 100% correct in his response. I would also like to add that Microsoft has said that they will be making an adapter to allow 360 headsets work with the Xbox One; however they have not said when these will come out.

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    I believe even the Terms on the Turtle Beach offer (of a free adapter; correct as of when someone else showed me them) states that the adapter does not ship until March 2014. So even those new bundles of headphones do not ship with the adapter - those are being sent out later, when they are actually made available.

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