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Status Code: 801540f4, when trying to add credit-card to account.

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Like it says in the headline, im getting this status error code, when opening windows live ingame (Street Fighter 4, PC) and trying to add my credit-card to my life-account.

even if i log on to my xbox life - account via browser and try there to add a payment-method (credit-card) i get an authorisation-error. besides from windows-life, i can use my credit card without any problems and it works just fine. i even changed my e-mail-adress in the billing-contac-informations which now isn't related anyhow to my account (read this somewhere in a support-forum). i checked my personal and credit-card  - information many times now if tiped in correctly and cant find a solution to my problem.

so the overall-problem is: i cant buy microsoft-points because i'm unable to add a payment method.

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    If you’re getting an error message that contains a specific error code (number), check Xbox error code search for a solution:

    Error code search

    Note If you don’t find information on your specific error or status code, see the following section or Related Issues, below. For more help, contact Xbox Support.

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    If the credit card owner's name doesn't match the name in the xbox live account then it won't let you use it to pay because of security/fraud reasons.  What you can do is create a paypal account and use the information that is on the card as the info for the account owner. This way the names match the card and it should let you pay for the microsoft points. It's sort of a round about way to do it but it works. However, this option should not be used Illegally, as I'm sure points will be taken away, you'll be banned from xbox, and possibly criminal charges. So just make sure the card is either yours or someone who has given you explicit instructions to use their card.