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Saints Row The Third, The Full Package doesn't work with the online pass

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I bought The Full Package, installed the add on content but not the online pass.  A few days later i decided to enter in the code, download it, and then my add on content didnt work.  I re-downloaded the add on content.  THEN the online pass didnt work.  So i either got the online pass, OR my full package content.  Why can't I have both?! :'(

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    This is an unfortunate effect of the way the content was licensed and propped on Xbox LIVE. However, there is a workaround:


    If you purchase any of the three additional DLC items (The Online Pass, Bloodsucker Pack, or The Unlockable Pack), it will temporarily disable the following installed assets from The Full Package:

    Explosive Combat Pack

    FunTime! Pack

    Invincible Pack

    Money Shot Pack

    Nyte Blayde Pack

    Shark Pack

    Special Ops Vehicle Pack

    Warrior Pack

    Z Style Pack

    There is a permanent workaround that requires a memory stick.  This will allow you to access all content with no issues.  Follow these steps:

    1. Purchase or re-download any of the three non-Full Package DLC items.

    2. Under the Storage menu on your XBOX, move the file "Saints Row: The Third - The First" to a memory stick.

    3. Use The Full Package installer disc to install all content to your Hard Drive (not the memory stick).

    If you do not have a memory stick, you will be unable to use the purchased content at the same time as the above items.  You can always re-download or re-install those items to gain access to them separately.

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    Thanks sooo much for this was mystified and unspeakably angry to find I lost all the cool vehicles and guns when I downloaded the bloodsucker pack

    Trying to figure out how this works. I may be wrong but it seems that all the little dlcs are grouped as "DLC the first" and when you DL something it overwrites the Full Package content essentially deleting it all.

    Why does it have to be so complicated?

    PS after doing this I had to reequip pistols, shotgun and launcher and lost all my ammo for those weapons. Sucky

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    Another question:

    Is it possible to use the cloud storage instead of a memory stick?

    This way it wouldn't be necessary to always keep a memory stick attached to the Xbox. That means... if it works.

    So, can the cloud storage make up for a memory stick when I want to use the aforementioned workaround?

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    So, can the cloud storage make up for a memory stick when I want to use the aforementioned workaround?

    You can only put saved game files in Cloud Storage, not any kind of DLC.