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Skyrim DLC with Multiple Accounts

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Hey everyone, I have (hopefully) a simple scenario/question for you:

I live in a household with two of my brothers, and we all have our own separate Gold memberships for a few reasons such as online play.

Now, we have one copy of the game (Skyrim) and we pass the disc back and forth whenever one of us wants to play. One disc, three gamers, so far so good?

One of us purchased all three DLC packs for Skyrim (Hearthfire Dragonborn and Dawngaurd), but only the purchasing account can use the DLC content..

I don’t know if this is Skyrim exclusive or what, with other DLC, for example the map packs for the Halo series, it had no issue letting all of us use the content as long as the purchasing account had downloaded it to the system (oh yes, we each have our own console as well, it’s a long story).

Do we really have to purchase all three DLC items each? That gets seriously expensive..

Any info would be appreciated!


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    Unfortunately, as a means of protecting the software, typically only the main account that first purchased it, is allowed to use it.  While you can do license transfer and account linking  A - B, that's normally reserved for people using the same console, that want to use the same software, or when you get a new Xbox and want to move content/accounts over. If this protection did not exist, you would be able to take all your DLC over to your friends and share it with them and as many others as you wanted.

    So to make a long story short, your brothers will have to purchase their own versions of the dlc.  Disk sharing is allowed, but digital sharing unless same Xbox/accounts is not.

    Hope this helps.

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    elquietone is spot on, The only way to play it would be if the console that purchased the DLC would be used as the main Skyrim console.

    The 2 of you could just move your profile to a USB, copy your save file to it too and just play on that console.

    Other than that, The best thing you could do is wait for another sale (we just had one recently) or do what I plan to do....just wait for the GoTY or Complete Edition.

    I always do that. I have Morrowind GoTY with both Expansions, I bought Oblivion when it released, waited a while and bought the GoTY for 8 bucks on clearance and that had the game on 1 disc and the a few DLC on the other disc that could be installed to your hard drive and could be shared.

    The only reason I wait is because of my HDD space limitations...but it actually works out for the better since I can enjoy all of the greatness from the Elder Scrolls games for a long time, 2 or 3 years later I would pick up the GoTY version and just experience it all over again.

    So if they ever (or when they) release that version for Skyrim, you and your other brother can go half and buy that version.

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