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Renting a movie with the App on my Surface Pro

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Talk about a nightmare.  I tried to rent a movie through the Xbox video app and it started with me getting to the confirm payment screen and then it would constantly say "Sorry, the Xbox service is not available, try again later"  Well after sitting on a chat screen, they could not figure it out.  So after a couple of hours I tried again and then it said "you already purchased this with the same options and are still allowed to watch it" but there was no movie downloaded to watch.  Microsoft/Xbox had no problem charging me the $5.99 even without giving me what I paid for.  Then after talking with someone else for an hour they said that the movie was not compatible with the Surface Pro but could not give me an explanation of why he came up with that excuse.  Has any one else had issues with trying to rent a movie on the Surface Pro?  I would like to find out why it is not working at all. 

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    Hey LV! Sorry to hear about the shenanigans. What movie are you speaking of? Also, what region are you located in?

    Let us know, thanks!