Console ban are you serious?

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    Okay so today i woke up and turned on my xbox 360 and it notified me that i was console banned because of the terms of use or whatever it is. I'm furious because i do NOT tamper with my xbox, I don't do any sort of modding nor take accounts. I am not involved in any sort of hacking on xbox or outside of it now can someone please tell me why my console was banned if i dont hack, speak any sort of profanity online since i dont even have a microphone to send voice messages. I rarely spend my time sending regular text messages. I just go on about my way to simply play the games that i buy and this is what i get are you serious microsoft? A console ban? This has to be undone because this is honestly ridiculous. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I WAS CONSOLE BANNED. 

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    This Xbox LIVE account has been permanently suspended due to attempts to use the Xbox LIVE service for commercial purposes. This conduct was discovered in your profile, your activities, and/or your communications.

    The conduct that caused this suspension may include, but is not limited to:

    -     Asking for another player's login, password, or personally-identifiable information

    -     Unauthorized Gamertag recovery

    -     Offering to trade Xbox LIVE or in-game services for Microsoft Points or money

    -     Soliciting game modifications

    To help avoid future account suspensions, please review the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use here: