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    Hi there,

    I woke up this morning and noticed that I had an email from xlcm@microsoft.com. Whilst skimming the email, I began to think that I'd received some spam; as the email was titled "Notification of Permanent Suspension: Account and/or profile tampering". I ignored the email, got ready for work and noticed that I had half an hour to go before I needed to set off for work; I switched the Xbox on to have a quick game on Gears of War 3. Much to my detriment, I was greeted with the message “Your account has been suspended until 31/12/9999”. Brilliant.

    Livid, I logged onto the xbox.com website to check if there was a problem with Xbox Live; I also opened up the email mentioned previously. I discovered that my account has been suspended due to tampering! Confused, I thought ‘how could I have “tampered” with my xbox…?’

    I checked forums and online communities to check whether other people had received the same notification. Almost all accounts of this were due to “hacking”, or “modding their Xbox. Never have I ever done either of these. I’m a loyal Microsoft customer; I have two Xbox 360s - an Elite and the new Kinect-ready version – which I bought on day one; I also bought the Kinect on day one; I buy Xbox games frequently; I frequently download Arcade and Indie games, I buy Microsoft Points, weekly and I purchase avatar items. I don’t have a PS3; all my friends play Xbox!

    To rub salt into the wound, I had just spent over £25 on Microsoft Points so I could buy the Season Pass for Gears of War 3. I now have 800 msp left on this account, of which I feel I will never be able to use. Will Xbox 360 even be online in the year 9999? Especially if the world is going to end on 21st December 2012…

    I'm not pleading ignorance, here. It’s a genuine fact and I’d really appreciate it if you could investigate this ban. I have never, nor will I ever “hack” or “mod” my games. I haven’t got the prowess on computers to even try! It's quite frustrating as I was doing pretty well on my Gamerscore! I had also set myself the task of getting to Level 50 on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, before it's released, next month!

    The gamertag in question is: BBW Pullers. I have already been in touch with Customer Services, who have pointed me to the forums as the best place to get my problem solved.

     I look forward to any correspondence.

     Your ever-loyal customer,

    Sam - BBW Pullers

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    Your account was created in January 2011, yet your account's tenure shows 10 years.  Not only is your account not ten years old, but neither is Xbox LIVE.  The suspension will stand as issued for account tampering.