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Can I Renew My XBOX360's Warranty?

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The warranty for my Xbox 360 has been expired for a while now. And I realize my console isn't going to last forever..

Is there anyway I can renew the warranty? if my console breaks; has problems that only repair can fix, would I be better off buying a new console-then to take it further, after buying a new console also paying for the warranty?

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    Short answer, no.  

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    well the thing is in order to renew any warranty including xbox (stated in the warranty terms)

    you need to be in the general warranty period

    since you are beyond that you will have to either pay for a repair and then renew the warranty then

    (which would be 1 year plus whatever period you purchase)

    best to call xbox support for pricing

    thats the 1 year warranty not the extended 3 year warranty

    Key Points

    • Extend your standard warranty by up to two years.
    • To purchase the plan, your new product must still be under the standard warranty.
    • Purchase the plan from the Xbox Online Service Center or at a Microsoft Store retail outlet.