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Original Xbox game, attach hard drive?

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I just bought a 4gb Kinect system. When i try to play my original xbox games I get a error that I need to attach a xbox 360 hard drive. This doesn't seem right since I have a 4gb hard drive already.


Anyone know why & how to fix this? Thanks. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.

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    You will need to purchase the 250 gb hard drive in order to play original Xbox games. The 4gb is internal flash memory and is not considered a hard drive. The hard drive is required because of the emulation software installed that is required to run original games.

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    Btw the 4gig xbox s doesn't have a hd that's flash memory which doesn't have the Emulator you need to buy the 250 gig HDD for the xbox s


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    Thank you both for your help. Looks like i should have just bought the 250gb version

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    Thats pretty stupid. So the only solution is spend $250.00 on a new console? Wow I'm regretting not getting a PS3 already.

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    So the only solution is spend $250.00 on a new console?

    You dug up a thread from May, 2011, to ask about how to play original XBOX games on the supported list?


    Adding a HDD to a console is not $250, it's $100 or so.

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    even less these day's