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Custom Themes For Xbox Dashboard

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Dear Microsoft,

I am aware the through the use of certain programs I can create Custom themes for use on my Xbox Dashboard. I am aware that you can use any picture as a wallpaer but considering that there is a certain level of using programs to create custom themes, I am wondering if making a custom theme for my private use on my Xbox 360 will violate the xbox live terms of use, or result in the ban or suspension of my Gamer Profile.

- lolgiggleman

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  • There is no "level" of using programs to Modify your Dashboard. Doing so will result in Suspension or Ban, and does violate the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Just don't do it, it's not worth it.

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    See  this is where i wish Microsoft would let it slide its not like your hacking or using it for personal gain (i.e. Money)