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Graphics have turned blue

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I was just playing Mass Effect (5th playthru lol) when all of a sudden everything turned blue. I could still see everything though, except I couldn't. It was like playing thru the eyes of "Predator" but everything was blue. Restarted my Xbox and its exactly the same on the dashboard, I can still see it but its all still blue.


Is this a common sign that my xbox is dying, or is it something else with an easy fix? Any help much appreciated.

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    Hey there, as a test, are you able to connect a different A/V cable to the same TV, and/or connect the same cable to a different TV and observe the results? Depending on what happens we can single out if the issue lies with the cable, Xbox or TV. 

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    It could be that your AV cable has come loose or possibly even a faulty cable.


    Make sure the cables are firmly plugged into the back of your TV and Xbox.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, do you have another AV cable you could try?

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    I too have had this problem but it went blue and purple and it was with our TV box, we had a technician in and we need a new cable (didn't give us one though.... Useless). I'm guessing this is probably the reason, the technician just said its wear and tear and the cables just do that after a while. Try changing the cable and if changing the cable doesn't work then test the Xbox with a different screen if that is possible.

    Hope this helps :)

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    it sounds like the cable.

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    I have personally had issues with the original "FAT" Xbox 360's becoming faulty where they would output strange colors such as Blue and bizarre "snow" haze across the screen. Swapping out different HDMI cables never resolved the issue but switching to Analog video with Component video or VGA did work.


    Ultimately, I had to have them all sent in for repair whenever it happened. You can look into the repair process here:


    Good luck.