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My xbox 360 slim keeps freezing

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Hello my xbox360 slim has been freezing for about a week now. And it was out of nowhere. Everytine i try to play a game it just freezes while loading no matter what the game is. I have tried whatvthe support page of console freezing tells me to do yet no solution has occured. Also my xbox slim has started to overheat an that may be the reason and that appeared out of thr blue as well.i have a fan on my vents, no dust is appeared to be by the vents, and i have taken out hard drive and put it back in. I just need some info on what to do. So please tell me more in depth if there is anything else i can do. Thank you
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    Hello? Is this forum dead?

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    If you followed the steps in the freeze guide, and nothing helped, then I am afraid its time for a repair. Just to be certain, your xbox froze without the hard drive being in? If so, there is a problem with the xbox and it will need repaired.

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