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Trouble hooking up xbox with HDMI

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I'm having trouble hooking my new xbox 360 s up with hdmi.  I'm running HDMI from xbox
to onkyo receiver and HDMI out from onkyo receiver to Pioneer Kuro TV.  This is the same setup for my blu ray player and satellite - no problems with either.  No video or
audio for xbox.  I've confirmed that xbox works by hooking up with components directly to another TV (not through a receiver).  I switched HDMI cables - still no audio/video.  Any help?  Thanks!

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    Hey there Parrot! I understand you're having some issues hooking up your console via HDMI through your receiver. Have you tried connecting the console directly to this TV, instead of a different one? Since it works with a different TV I would say the console is working fine. Are you trying to plug it into a port on the receive you know works with other devices? Maybe try plugging the console into the blu ray player port to see if it works. Let me know, thanks!

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    I have connected directly to this TV with HDMI. Video worked fine.  Not sure if audio worked because I don't have any speakers connected to the Pioneer TV (everything goes through Onkyo receiver).  I've tried plugging into the blu ray port - still no luck.  I tried hooking up my neighbor's xbox through the receiver.  It didn't work.  I actually have 2 of the same Onkyo receivers.  I tried through the other Onkyo receiver - no audio/video.

    Is there any reason the xbox wouldn't work through the receiver, but I have no problems hooking up blu ray players, etc in the same manner?  I really need to run it through the receiver because I don't have speakers hooked up to this TV.  HDMI should pass video and audio from xbox to the receiver and then to the TV right?  Thanks for any help!!!

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    You can try taking a look at all the console settings for this to see if any of them help. Check under Settings Hub > System > Console Settings > Display and see if any of those options help you out. Please let me know, thanks!