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hdmi displays a fed fuzzy screen please HELP !!!

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Hi , 

 Today i turned my 360 4gb slim on to find no sound but a picture bare in mind it was working fine last night !

so i googled the problem and found out if i disabled the auto thing it would restart my console and all would be sorted ,

i did this and it worked whala but i had a small line across the very bottom of the screen so i googled how to reset my display settings by holding Y AND RT  so i did this 

and now the screen displays the xbox screen but its like a red fuzzy screen even when i change the hdmi settings but works through the normal cable fine !

Has anybody came across this or does anybody know a way of sorting this maybe if i did a factory restore on the console ?

i have tried all the codes and none seem to work for me !

i would be very greatfull of help as i dont want to get rid of my 360 i love it 

Thanks in advance Jon

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    Hey there Trotter! So you are having some odd video issues when using HDMI, and using a regular cable is working fine, correct? Can you try different ports on your TV, as well as a completely different HDMI-ready TV if you can. Also, please try a different HDMI cable to rule that out as the cause. Let me know what you find out here, thanks!

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    Hi mate I have sold my xbox now and bought a new one

    , I did try a new hdmi cable and one from my sky box , I also

    Tried the xbox on my 50 inch in the living room ! I did try

    All the settings 1080i , 720p etc / maybe some one has had this problem

    Before suggestions are still welcome as you never know it might happen again

    Or to somebody else .

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    Thanks for the reply! Can you confirm that you have tried multiple TVs as well as all HDMI ports on each? Is there anyone you can borrow a console from to see if this same behavior happens with multiple consoles? Let me know, thanks!

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