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Low Volume output on XBOX 360 (both old and brand new Slim)

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According to Tech Support, my low volume issues are caused by my internet service provider.  Read on!!

Feel free to add information if you think you can help with the actual problem. 

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You are now chatting with 'Khim'.

Khim: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Khim. Please give me a moment to review your question.

Khim: I believe this is with regards to an audio issue, correct?

John: I've used component and PC connection cable. Audio devices I've used are standard skullcandy headphones connected via adapter, turtle beach X2, X32, logitech THX system, headphones with

inline volume (useable), Samsung TV, Sanyo TV. XBOX 360 volume is low on both XBOXes using both old and new cables. Have tried all settings in audio controls on the XBOX (5.1, stereo, etc). No


Khim: My apology for this to have happened.

Khim: Do not worry, I will be more than happy to assist you with this concern.

Khim: When did this issue start on the console, If I may ask?

John: When I bought it. May of 2006. Then the new one XBOX. Last Sunday.

John: When I reported on the first XBOX low volume issues, I was told I should buy a new A/V cable. 3 A/V cables later, there is no difference in volume output.

John: I figured the issue would be resolved upon purchasing a brand new XBOX slim, but it's the same thing.

Khim: Thank you for that information.

Khim: I would want to explore all options available for the console. Give a few minutes here to check it out for you.

Khim: Can you provide me your console's serial number to pull up your account first?

Khim: It is located at the back of the console on the white sticker. It's a 12-digit number.

John: Sure. Which console? Old or new?

Khim: Can I have both please.

John: 536871514705 is the new one....

Khim: Great.

John: 821003754806 is the old one.

Khim: Awesome.

Khim: I will be giving you a link for audio synchronization that contains steps you can follow to address this concern.

Khim: Audio Issues

Khim: Open the link and please follow the steps, please update me after you are done.

John: ok done

Khim: Which steps did you follow thru on the link?

John: Mostly just the "make sure TV is on" and "make sure cable connections are securely connected". I've also messed with changing around the settings for the audio type 5.1 or stereo and whatnot

in the console settings.

John: I went through that page before I contacted support.

John: I like that though. "Make sure TV is on". I wonder how many people worked on their problem for hours on end and the problem the whole time was that their TV wasn't on. I guess that's a major

issue since it's the first thing on the page.

Khim: Can you try the steps on the audio not sync please.

John: I'm not using an HDMI cable.

Khim: Do you have one?

John: But as for step 1, there are no devices between the TV and the console. It's right next to it about a foot away.

John: My original XBOX does not have an HDMI option.

John: The new XBOX did not come with an HDMI cable and the TV I have it connected to does not have HDMI input.

Khim: We can try HDMI cable with the slim console if you wish.

John: John: My original XBOX does not have an HDMI option. John: The new XBOX did not come with an HDMI cable and the TV I have it connected to does not have HDMI input.

Khim: Both original xbox and slim console supports HDMI connection.

Khim: With original xbox console, we just need an adapter to connect hdmi, then the other end of the adaptor to the console.

Khim: With slim console, it has an HDMI port to plug in an HDMI cable.

Khim: Question is, do you have an HDMI cable?

John: yes i have one I use on my ps3

John: and i use them on my cable boxes

Khim: We can try using the HDMI cable to directly connect you slim console and your TV.

Khim: This would let us isolate the cause why you have issues with audio on both console.

John: ok..i will have to move the slim xbox to a TV that has an HDMI will take me a couple of minutes.

Khim: Please take your time.

Khim: I would be happy to wait for you.

John: ok finished...didn't take as long as I thought

John: there is nothing between the xbox and the TV. The HDMI cable is connected directly into the TV. It is the only thing plugged into the TV.

Khim: Great. can you try turning on the console please.

Khim: Awesome.

Khim: Can we try turning on the console and the tv now to check.

John: and TV are on.

John: man the picture looks alot better than the component cables.

Khim: Perfect, let us wait for the console to load up.

John: It's at the "choose a profile" screen.

Khim: Yes, HDMI cable can provide far more better resolution.

Khim: You can search for your gamertag and log in.

John: ok i'm logged in

Khim: Excellent, now can you try loading a game.

John: ok

Khim: Thanks.

John: k game is loaded

Khim: We have seen changes on the resolution, how about with the audio, have you noticed any change?

John: No. To give a point of reference. On this TV, a "normal" audio level for PS3, Wii, or TV watching is about a 12 volume level. To acheive a similar audio level with the XBOX, the TV needs to

be at about 35.

Khim: At the moment, what volume level do we have with the TV?

Khim: Change Audio Settings on the console

Khim: You can try the steps on the link above.

Khim: This is to change the audio settings on the console.

John: it's at 30 right now

John: ok following steps...

Khim: Thanks.

Khim: Update me after please.

John: ok should I try changing something? Everything is set up correctly the way it is now.

Khim: Was there any changes after you have change the audio settings on the console?

John: Don't think so. Audio is definitely at the same volume level and there is still sound no matter which one I choose.

Khim: This may confirm that this is the volume level that your TV can support to get the volume that you require for the console.

Khim: Greater volume adjustment would require you xbox to get greater bandwidth requirement from your internet service provider.

John: Come again.

John: Keep in mind I've already tried connecting the audio directly into both headphones and turtle beach headphones and an external sound system, bypassing the TV altogether.

Khim: Greater configuration you wish to have on the console to be transmitted on your TV means greater bandwidth share your console would require from your network.

John: Not sure what volume has to do with internet bandwidth. Can you explain that further? I have comcast's 50mbps plan at home.

Khim: Bandwidth sharing for your internet service provider would depend on the required signal transmission for every device that you connect to your network.

Khim: Download and upload speed varies on the internet service provider.

Khim: At times we would need to request our internet service provider to open required ports to get the best bandwidth our xbox would require or need to get the best experience we wish to have.

Khim: Network Ports for Xbox Console

John: So let's say I don't have the XBOX 360 connected to a network or any internet service at all and I'm only using it to play single player games. You're saying that if my bandwidth level is not

high enough, then my audio levels will be low. So without being connected to a network, I should have no audio at all.

Khim: If you will play with the console offline, xbox was designed to automatically adjust depending on the compatibility with the TV you use technically.

John: And if you play online, your audio level to your TV is adjusted by your internet service provider?

Khim: If you are playing online compatibility would depend on the amount of bandwidth the interner service provider can provide equally on all device you are connecting to the internet.

John: It's an RCA audio connector when not using HDMI. There is no data connection.

Khim: You would need to change input for the TV to get the connection to work.

Khim: If your TV does not support RCA connection, there would be no option to have picture on the TV.

John: the TV has HDMI, standard RCA (yellow cable vid, white red audio), component video with RCA audio, optical audio, and 3.5mm inputs.

Khim: If that is the case, the TV can support it, however, it would have lesser resolution input compared to HDMI connection.

Khim: HDMI would require 1080p or 1080i video resolution, this requires a certain amount of bandwidth to support.

John: Yeah. Bandwidth on the TV. Not network bandwidth.

Khim: RCA connection would require 280-480 resolution

John: I gotta say I've been a network technician for 15 years and this is the first time I've ever head the idea that network connection bandwidth has affect on the volume of a TV.

Khim: I would not say that it really has a direct impact, what I am trying to point out is it would affect depending on the bandwidth your internet service provider can sustain or provide.

John: Okay I think we're done here.  Thanks for your time.  I'll run this past my colleagues and get back to you after they're done laughing.

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    I deserve a medal after reading this, I don't think khim is right, at all.

    I think this is too in-depth to be solved in forums unfortunatley Ub3rn00ber, try calling xbox support in your region, iff you dont recieve any other help. I really hope this is fixed for you!


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    Hey there Ub3rn00ber! I understand you are having issues with low volumes when using headphones with your console, is that correct? Do you have any trouble with volume if you connect it to standard TV audio output? If you have issues there as well, you may be in need of a console repair.

    If the volume on the TV is just fine, then there may be an issue with the way you have the headphones connected. Can you let us know exactly how you have this set up? Let us know, thanks!

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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    No.  It has nothing to do with headphones.  The volume is low to external speakers, heaphones, TVs, etc.  It doesn't matter what device it is connected to.  I have used the standard definition cables, the component connection cables, HDMI cable, and the cable with the PC connection.  I have had it hooked up to Logitech Z623 speakers, Logitech Z906 speakers, some cheap brand of PC speakers, a Samsung 40" TV, a Sanyo 46" TV, a PC monitor with speakers, skullcandy heaphones, turtle Beach X2s, turtle Beach X32s.  The sound is low to all devices no matter how they are connected.  It is this way on both of my XBOX 360s, both the original white console and a brand new slim.  The logitech speakers have volume control on them and I have to crank it up to get a normal playing volume whereas for TV and other consoles, I have it much lower.  On the TVs, there is volume control which also must be greatly hightened to hear the XBOX games through.  In game sound is all the way up.  The TV is on (i double checked, I swear!!!!!).  For normal TV viewing and other consoles, I keep the audio at about a 12 for example on my Samsung TV.  I have to have it around 35 to play XBOX.  That's not the way it should be.  If I hook up standard headphones to it with no volume control, it is very quiet and no good for playing games.  

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    This is a strange one, two consoles on different Tv's both have the same issue.Can you try this please if you haven't already.

    Connect your new console via HDMI, with no disc in the drive power on the console using the guide button on a controller, as the console boots up press and hold Y and the right trigger on the controller, the console will reboot and then try your games etc.

    Now if you still have the issue, go into settings/display on your console and turn off display discovery.

    If that doesn't work you could try running through the initial setup option on your console.

    Copy / Paste Allergy Warning.

    This post may contain traces of copy/paste.

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    Hello folks,

    I have the same/similar problem...

    In game (and maybe video too) voice volume is much lower than the rest.

    I have reset my TV volume (Sony Bravia) to factory settings with no change.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Mr Peg. If you could go ahead and create your own thread, that would be great. Reason being this one is about a year old. Thank you!

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    For what it's worth, I had a similar problem and I figured out that the problem was being caused by my Turtle Beach headphones that were plugged in to the audio inputs ahead of the Xbox outputs. Once I removed the Turtle Beach audio plugs and just plugged the Xbox audio out directly into my TV the volume was fine.

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    I have the S27A950D samsung monitor and It only has a audio out jack and no actual settings for audio.. The volume when watching movies on the xbox is really low, anyone know the problem?

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    Hi TheSwedishFlash. This thread is a bit old. I would suggest creating a new thread and we will be there to help.

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    go to settings/system/console settings\display\display discovery    (set to disable) after set console will restart. this worked for my new setup. added in an amp and changed from the 360s hd cables to hdmi. hope this helps