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2 xboxes on same network

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I just installed a second XBOX, hardwired connection , and I can get online for a few games, but after awhile , it disconnects me. When I go to the other xbox it pops up with the same error message.

I have to connect an ethernet cable, well they are both hardwired and the internet works on my computers in the house and then I can restart the game and I can play for a few more games and it disconnects again.


Any Help?


I have 2 xboxes in the house, hardwired. didnt have this problem till I installed the 2nd xbox and 2nd account to the family plan.

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    I know you said they are hardwired but do you have a router anywhere on your set-up?

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    I always throw this out there: Perhaps your internet speed isn't quite fast enough. (for 2 different Xboxes) can you try disconnecting one of them from your network and see if you have the same issue?

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    I have 4 Xbox 360s (2 Wired, 2 Wireless) and 2 PS3s (both wireless) on my network router (Plus 2 wired PCs and 3 wireless Laptops (though not always on at the same time). We also have 2 "Smart" TVs and 2 Bluray players on the wireless (usually just the players are "connected" though) Also at any given time we oan have up to 3 iPads, 4 iTouch, 4 Nentindo DS, and 3 Wiis (very rarely used) hooked up to wireless. The only problem we have is a 7MBps connection LOL

    But back to your issue. My wife and I play Call of Duty, ALOT! When we first got online with the new ISP after our move we had lag and disconnect issues when playing CoD togather, but on seporate Xbox. It turned out to be some kind of ping issue because both Xbox were sending the same information packets so it bottlenecked at the ISP. They changed our ping so I was told and ever since its been much better. (outside of normal CoD problems and network issues)

    Check with your ISP about your Bandwidth and maybe ping issues. Also it could be a bad female connection on your router/modem, which ever you have the ethernet cables from your Xboxes connected to. Hope this might help or give others some ideas to throw out there. Good luck.

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    My husband an i had this issue only with 1 running wired and 1 running wireless. He had to go into our router settings and give each xbox it's own IP address. Once that was done he manually added the IP address on each xbox after that we haven't had any issue's.

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    Hi there ThePrototype64.

    It may be due to your NAT Type, If your NAT type is moderate or strict, which may be the problem to your connection problems, here are two links which will guide you through some solutions as to how you can fix it.

    On the the other hand, if these solutions fail to help your NAT type and or connection, I suggest you call up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and explain

    to them the problems you are facing. After having done this, you should request them for new router if they haven't said they will send you one already.

    Most ISPs send routers out for free, on the other hand if your ISP do not send you a router, free of expenses, I suggest you buy a new router.

    Hope this helps,

    Kind Regards,

    Ryan M (DarkLink 900)