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Transfer data to new xbox?

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I have an old elite 120GB.

I now have a Slim 4gb with a 250gb hard drive that i bought seperately.

Can someone just clarify my theory to transfer data over:

1: Plug the usb of the transfer kit into the xbox (with the 120GB HDD attached to the Xbox 360 elite and the new 250gb HDD on the end of the transfer cable bit).

2: Go to memory settings and request it to copy everything across to the other hard drive.

3: Done?


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    Here's what you do:

    Turn your old Xbox off and remove the hard drive - this is your source drive.

    Disconnect all other accessories from your new Xbox 360 S (USB accessories, memory units etc), connect the larger end of the data migration cable to your old drive (source drive) and plug the other end into your Xbox 360 S USB port. Then turn your console on, connect a controller to it. Now the console should prompt you for a transfer so select "Transfer" to start it.

    If it did not work, turn the console off and make sure you attached both ends of the cable correctly. If it still didn't work then your Data transfer kit might be faulty and you might have to get a replacement from your retailer.

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    Also make sure the transfer cable is officially from Microsoft. Third Party may mess it up very badly.


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    Hi there,


    like what the others have said, but now via the support link the how to transfer data via a transfercable:

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    I will just add that the instructions on the website don't always work as expected, if you do not get the transfer window popping open then power off the console, disconnect your source hard drive from the cable, power the console back on with the data transfer cable still connected to the console, wait for about 30 seconds after it boots to the dashboard. Now connect your source hard drive to the cable.


    Undeadfire Zero is spot on with his recommendation of only using the official Microsoft certified data transfer cable, these third party cables can and often do wreak havoc with your hard drives as explained in the link below.


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