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Power Supply Brick Making strange noise.

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I was wondering if anybody could help me with my power brick. It started to make a revving noise that doesn't sound right. I understand that the fan has to turn but it is a lot louder and sounds broken. It has been in a small space and has encountered lots of dust inside. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get it cleaned for cheaper than a new power brick or if I can easily fix the problem myself.

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  • To put it simply, try blowing gently into the gaps in the power brick, and turn it upside down and try (make sure it's turned off first obviously), to try and get most of the dust out. If it still isn't working well, try compressed air to get rid of some dust, or send your Xbox for repairs, using this support link.

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  • The power bricks are not user servicable, any attempt to repair them could result in a lethal electrical shock, even if the device has been disconnected from the power for hours.  In short, do not under any circumstances attempt to clean or repair your Xbox 360 power supply!

    Your best bet is to contact support and see if you get a replacement power suppy.

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    I already got a ton of dust out my blowing into the brick but it still makes the sound. I will try the compressed air and see if I can get the rest out.

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    Let us know your results DONTSHOOT1264!

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    I cleaned out my brick and then I moved the cord around a bit and since then it has worked fine. Every once and a while it will mess up again but it goes away if I move the cord correctly.

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    Moving it works but once it is powered off for the night and you power it back on the next door, the buzzing noise reappears. As the after market power brick sold in the stores or online makes an even louder noise, one is stuck with ordering a replacement from Microsoft. If your unit is under warranty, Microsoft insists you send your power brick back before you can get a replacement which means you are without power to your Xbox 360 for about 2 weeks or more. I have asked them to send the replacement first and the faulty one will be sent back upon receipt but was advised this cannot be done and nothing can be accommodated. How is that customer services oriented?! I have just ordered mine and am getting ready to send my faulty one back which also means no TV, no gaming, no Xbox for 2 weeks.

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    @sgtoca, I blew dust out of my brick and moved it and it has worked everyday since. So pretty much I've played it and it has worked everyday since the 21st of August.

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    Thanks for the update, DONTSHOOT1264! I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread since the issue appears to be resolved. If you encounter it again, please do create a new thread with a link back to this one for context. Thanks, and game on! :)

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