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Why does my Xbox slim keep shutting off?

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SO. Yeah, for a few weeks now it keeps shutting off on its own, Sometimes it even goes on and off. Any clue what could be wrong with it?

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    You may want to give a few things a try:

    1. Make sure your console is in a well ventilated area. Ie. that nothing is blocking any of the vents on the bottom or the sides. 
    2. Make sure your console is not next to anything metal.
    3. Try unplugging it and testing it out in a different room.
    4. Do not connect your unit to a power strip.
    5. Dust the the power and eject button, and if you can get a can of air in a can, or dust off and blow out the vents as well.
    If none of this helps you may need to schedule a appoint with the xbox repair department. Please come back and let us know if any of this helped.
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    it could be your power brick if its red or any color like that it means your power brick is *** up