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Xbox 360 Slim Won't Turn On

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I ran a search prior to posting, but couldn't find any solutions or answers.

I've had my 360 for a little more than a year. Take great care of it. No dings, drops, anything. Sits in a well ventilated area. Always works fine. One day, after about an hour of gaming I turned it off and didn't turn it back on for about 48 hours. When I tried to turn it on, the 360 recognized that I was pressing the power button as it "chimed", but it would not power on. Same result when pressing the "Open Disk" button. 

I checked my power brick and the light was a solid orange. No flashing or flickering or color changing- just solid orange. I bought another power brick because I thought that my brick had just died. Plugged it all in and I got the same results. More chiming and solid orange lights, but no power. 

This all indicates that the problem is most likely with my console. I don't understand how this is possible considering it's been taken care of, but I seriously doubt I have two defective power bricks. 

My question is, are there any common problems that are fixable by me that can cause these aforementioned symptoms, i.e- orange light, chiming but no power. I've seen some videos on YT where USB port issues can cause this. I'm sure that if a USB prong creating a circuit can cause this, there must be some other common causes as well. Any information is appreciated.

I've spent close to $800 on Xbox consoles due to them dying right outside my warranty. I enjoy Xbox and Microsoft, but, especially considering the good care I take of my consoles, it's getting really hard to stay a fan of Xbox. I just spend close to $40 for a power brick, I can't afford to pay the $80 out of warranty fee for a repair. 

Thanks for the help

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    Have you checked all the cables going to the TV from the console?

    Also try another cable or port.

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    have you tried unplugging everything,and taking out HD as well,try it without HD in first,then putting it all back together again,but it does sound like a repair may be needed,but try everything else first

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    Don't have any other AV cables to try unfortunately.

    Tried unplugging pretty much everything. AV cables, tried different power cords/bricks. Tried taking out the HD like you said, then put it back in. No success.

    I'm agreeing with you that I probably need a repair. Can't say I'm thrilled about having to spend $80 on a defective product. This is like buying a brand new car, treating it great and having your engine fail after 15,000 miles and still get stuck with the bill for the engine.

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    Hey there!  Sorry to hear about this, it can definitely be a pain, but good news is we can generally get it back to you pretty quick if you do have to go that way.  The one more thing I would suggest is removing all accessories (including that hard drive) and leaving them all detached while you boot up the system.  You can add them back one at a time if it does come up.

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    I just went through the Xbox Support troubleshooting guide for not being able to turn on your Xbox. I used your original post to help me to answer the questions. It recommended that you plug it directly into the wall (not into a extension cord/surge protector) if that doesnt work the guide recommends that you send it in for repair.

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    Also (adding to DangerousFoil's advice), try a different power outlet. Its a long shot, but it may be the plug socket and not the console.

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    I have the same problem. My box has already been sent back to Microsoft (I.e. Mexico) once and now it is non-responsive again. Hey, gotta love the gay little chimes when you press power or eject. It would be nice if the box actually powered on.  No need to feel like this is your fault. I take great care of my box also yet I'm stuck with a big black paper weight. I also love how all these "Ambassadors" tell you to check the power supply. Hey ***, the power supply is fine. The problem is the box hardware and Microsoft needs to man up and repair or replace it.

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    Same story bro. Took good care of my first 360 which committed suicided. Looking after my Slim, which is about to commit suicide -_-

    not impressed

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    Hey fellas!  I've replied to both of you in your respective threads with more info there to help troubleshoot.  Those individual threads will be the best way to get this sorted.  No need to bump anything else :)

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    Same thing just happen to me. Even worse is that I have Grand Theft Auto 5 stuck in the disc tray. Any ideas on how to remove the disc before sending in for repair?

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    what all do i have to check to make the gamecome on the orange light still on

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    KnockOut2086, check out the guide here on how to manually eject your disc tray. If you'd like to troubleshoot a bit before sending the console in for repair, please start a new thread detailing exactly what's going on, and what you've tried so far.

    Same goes for you, SaleablePaper68. =) Please start a new thread with details and we'll be able to provide the best assistance for you there. The situation may be very similar to what's happening in this thread, but we don't want to make assumptions on any of the details and wind up going in the wrong direction. Thanks all!

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