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Xbox shuts off during gameplay

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Hello there, I have an original gen Xbox 360 and when I play games like sitting or call of duty: black ops 2, I get maybe 5 minutes into the game and the entire system just shuts off. I checked the power bricks to make sure this were not the issues, I check the hard drive and the Xbox still shuts off without that in it. Are there any other troubleshooting suggestions? I do not want to have to send my Xbox in when the new one is within the next year. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Try using a different power supply with your console, if it still persists then your Console is probably running too hot so it will shut down to avoid any damages. Which it will require you to send in your system for repairs.

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    I swapped power supplies and problem is still there. I put in a movie and the movie runs perfectly fine. It's still going and we are approaching 30 minutes.