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Xbox 360S Power Supply Overheating

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So my Xbox 360S keeps switching itself off because the power brick keeps overheating. I have tried all of the suggested fixes on the support site and still no joy. However i have checked with another power supply and it works fine....therefore it is more than likely the power supply that is failing.

I have filled in a repair request online, but it seems like i have to send away the whole Xbox 360S this correct or will i just need to send off the faulty power supply brick for MS to repair or replace?

Any advice greatly appreciated

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    Hello, please contact XBOX Support by telephone and explain to them what's going on, they will send you just a new power supply, when you receive yours you put the damaged one in the box they send you and package it up, affix the pre-paid shipping label and send it off. That's all :).

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    i've called them and they want me to send the power supply away before they will replace - this is going to cost a fortune to send to the Czech Republic and i dont see that it is necessary when others on the forum have had theirs replaced without the need to have the original sent back first....especially when my machine is still within their warranty!

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    I'd suggest giving them a call back and speaking to a supervisor. They may be able to arrange for a replacement to be sent out without to need for you to return the broken unit first.

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