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Disc not supported

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Heya i just bought a second hand copy of Black Op's MW2 , and Reach the other day, And when i try to play MW2 and Reach it says disc not supported , but my Black Op's works perfectly like every other game i own ... whats wrong with these games . the Pic of the game shows up in the Play game window ..

Please help as im desperate to play these online ....



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    I have done the sugested things given in your disc drive options and none work ... please help !

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    Perhaps those discs are illegal copies?  Take/send them back for a replacement/refund.

    I'm curious though, your gamerscore was reset, yet you have a score of over 200,000 GS again.  Don't think that blocking your account activity will prevent you being caught again.  If you have modded your score again, your next suspension will be permanent.

    Also your Gamertag name is in violation of the Live Code of Conduct.

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