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Clan tag issues in MW3 and User content.

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I am posting on this forum after having a lengthy conversation with microsoft's support services. I currently am unable to have a clan tag in Modern warfare 3, and I get a message every time I enter something in that goes as follows: "Clan name denied due to prohibited text". I also am unable to upload user content in modern warfare 3 and halo: Reach. When I attempt to upload something onto the fileshare in halo: reach i get the following message: "Name is blocked: The name of the creator of this file is not allowed on xbox live". I am able to play on xbox live normally, but without the ability to do the previously mentioned things. I have service request number for the chat session that I had if that is needed. Any help would be gladly accepted.


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    Hey Duckie, while there are few things we can look at here, I'm curious first off if you are a) on a family pack, or b) if you've checked your online privacy settings recently? If you haven't checked those settings, please give it a look now on Specifically, please look to see if you have Member Content enabled. Let me know! :-) 

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Thank you for your response Mister Fitzer. I am not on a family pack, and I did check on my privacy settings when I initially chatted with an agent from microsoft.  My member content was enabled and was able to be viewed by everyone.  I haven't tampered much with my privacy settings.