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Skyrim wont load past menu (wtf?)

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I've seen a million of these questions asked around the internet but little or no resolutions other than "clean the disk, player etc." but I do not think this will help. I was able to play Skyrim until last night. I put the disk in and it boots up as normal but it will not load past the "Load" menu, it just leaves me suspended looking at some sort of object and factors (and my current level progress) but never starts the game. My xbox loads and boots other games but will not get past this menu.  Help?? Help!!

Also where is the "Skyrim" forum? 


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    Try clearing your cache.

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    This has happened to me too, but only with Skyrim. Try to move the saved data to a different storage divice, like a memory card or flash drive and try to load it from there. Also installing the game to your xbox might help as well.

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    This happened to me, I tried loading an earlier save and this worked for me, it was just my last save that froze on the load menu, all the other saves I vould load fine

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    The same thing happened to me, I tried loading an earlier save then my recent save and that worked but I have to do that every time I go onto the game. You could try installing the game but that didnt work for me

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    Take the disk out, turn off the xbox, unplug everything, wait a couple seconds and try again once everything is plugged back in. It worked for me when I had this issue

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