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laser burn

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is laser burn when u get a big circular scratch all the way atound t silver side of ur disc  os this has happened to my fifa12

If this is laser burn is there anything can do

Please help

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  • It's not a laser burn.  The term 'laser burn is a misnomer.  The Xbox 360's DVD laser isn't powerful enough to burn a disc.  What actually happens is that your game disc comes into physical contact with the DVD lens, it's the lens that creates a perfect circle scratch on your game disc. 

    There are only two ways this can happen.  The most common time is when the console is moved or somehow knocked, when the game is being read.  The other is a faulty Xbox DVD drive.

    You could try taking your game to a console software retailer, they usually have disc cleaning machines that can remove scratches.  This may fix your disc.  Or you could borrow your fiends copy of the game, install it your hard drive, then try using your disc to launch it.  Other than that EA do a disc replacement programme.  I'm not sure of the link because the program varies from region to region.

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