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MW3 Collection One Map Pack Problems

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I downloaded the map pack this morning, and now I can't find games online. I know my connection is fine. My NAT type is open everything is fine. 
But the game continues to tell me "No Games Found" The only thing that I can get into is Regular Team Death. Even then it's only 5(ish) games found.
I can't play any hardcore or infected. Any of the Games which I actually play. Only thing that has changed was downloading these maps. Help? 

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    Are you trying to get into these games with this profile? If so, it's showing you as a "Free" member on this particular one. Please make sure that the profile you are trying to play on is an XBOX Live Gold member.

    That aside, if you are an XBOX Live Gold member on another profile, please try to clear your XBOX 360's System Cache by going to the XBOX 360 Dashboard > Settings > System > Storage > Highlight Hard Drive and press Y > Clear System Cache and press Yes.

    Try to start Modern Warfare 3 and see if you are able to find any games. Report back :).

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    It's a good thing to know that a lot of us MW3 players have to play with the DLC disabled to get into any games. I don't know, lack of people who bought the pack? Poor coding by IW? Whatever the reason is, it just might not be your console/connection.

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