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Player too young to play: Battlefield 3

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Right so I bought the game and my dad doesnt care says i'm allowed to play it and all, but it says i'm too young whih is really annoying because i bought the game with my own money and yeah, i'm 14 and my Windows Live ID might say i'm slightly older... So i'm not at all sure why I can't play if it shows on my Xbox i've played CoD, any help would be great. And if it wasn't blazingly obvious i'm on Xbox 360.

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    Hello Dog,

    check your Xbox parental settings,make sure you select Adult settings,since your father is ok with you playing BF3.

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    Hey Dog,

    The problem might be the age restriction on all ea games that doesnt allow gamers under a certain age to play their games online, this will not have anything to do with the xbox parental settings on the console. If it was the parental settings on the console, you would not be able to play cod online or any other game as well


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