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Skyrim Dawnguard freeze problem

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So i bought dawnguard and a new skyrim disc (my old one broke ), everything works fine my game loads and everything but every time i try and start the dawnguard mission the disc stops spinning and it says unredable does any one know why it's Doing this?

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    Hello.Have you tried to delete and redownload the add on ?And also try and clear your Catche in your Hard drive.

    Hope it helps...


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    I see you may have tried clearing your system cache. If not and you're not sure how to do so, simply press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings. From there select Storage or Memory. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. It will not matter which storage device you select because the cache will be cleared for all storage devices. From there select Clear System Cache. When you are prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

    If you have tried clearing the System Cache and it hasn't worked I would suggest you try clearing the Game Cache. Clearing the Game Cache on the Xbox 360 is a separate function from clearing the System Cache. In order to do so, you must hold the LEFT Bumper, RIGHT Bumper, and the X button all at the same time on the Xbox 360 controller as a game is launching. Once you reach the Main Menu or Title Screen of the game, you can let go of the buttons. There will be no notification to you that this process has completed because it is all done passively.

    Clearing the Game Cache resolves many problems in games that rely heavily on the Xbox 360's cached memory. Some of these problems include, but are not limited to NPC issues, random textures, and "hitching", "lagging", or "slow game play".

    I hope this helps solve your issue and help you to enjoy your game.