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A major problem on DOA 5

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So basically, I have purchased DOA 5 and was trying it out a few minutes ago. When I got up to the main lobby (game mode selection), every all of the game options (including the offline modes) are being crossed out and made disabled! Only options left are Xbox live marketplace and Online Pass. I have updated both the console system and the game, tried to enter the online pass code and nothing changed! 


P.S. I have played this game with a different console and had it saved on cloud in my own account. I have also tried to wipe the save data and it still doesn't work!

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    That´s a trick question but i have my suspects.

    Let me try a theory you played the game first in a friends house and puch your account like a "visitor" and save on cloud correct?

    If you do that you have recovery your acount in your console after that?

    Go to social enter in enter or out and rescue our profile if that don´t works try a more radical solution

    Go in management and delete your profile (THE PROFILE ONLY!!!, and keep the saves)

    After go in social in enter or out and go to download profile and download again your profile.

    I hope helped you and forgive my bad english it´s all self learnerd.

    Edit: I most forgot if you have downloaded the seasson pass there you to do after all this is download again the pass.

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    I'm having this EXACT problem in the menus except I just opened the package and put the game in my console for the first time.  It says something about downloading the free catalog update and NOTHING in the downloadable content says catalog.  

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    I figured it out, you have to download the content update.  Personally, it should have downloaded automatically if it was required to play.

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    Doing this now, I am going to be mighty upset if it doesnt work

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    Try downloading these 3 Free packs from the MP.

    Those things would be blocked off if you dont have any of those if other were using them online, your game wouldnt recognize it at all.

    Also, whats the deal with your Online Pass and other console?
    Did you buy the game new?
    Is this other console yours or a friends?
    Did you download any of these 3 packs and use your online pass on this other console? (and was it under his account or yours?)

    If you were on another console with your account and downloaded or redeemed the dlc and pass, most games would let you access them on your main console
    as long as you were connected to XBL....but there are a few very picky games that might still not let you access them.

    If DOA5 is one of those picky games, you will then have to License Transfer back to your main console so you can redownload your season pass and 3 DLC items.

    Now if you redeemed this code on your friends console, under his account, you are pretty much out of 10 bucks and will need to buy a new online pass.

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    Just downloaded this today, and the content update appears to be broken that is linked here.


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    I ran into this as well.  The game tells you to download something that is misnamed, which is needlessly confusing.  I already redeemed the online pass, thinking that might help, and now it's useless because the update it's forcing on me won't fit on my memory card.  I have to delete the update and disconnect my network cable just to play the game at all.  Boo-urns to Team Ninja.

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    I too, was experiencing this.  This game is picky.  I have DOA5, ultimate, and I stopped playing it, because there is almost ALWAYS a new costume catalog update for it whenever I put the game in.  Once I download it, I play for a couple of days, and one day, I go to play and the menus are all crossed out and telling me I need to download the NEW costume catalog.  So just download ALL the free costoume content available for the game.  (It's about 3 or 4 GB, so I hope you have space).  If this doesn't solve the problem, take it into Gamestop, and try and get some of yer money back.  I like DOA5, It's a good game.  But I bought it to play, not to dowload 100 things, before I'm finally ALLOWED to play.  

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    if u delete everything and dont let it update u can play u wont be able to play online but u can still play the game