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Xbox live takes too long to find a match in black ops 2

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Ok so this is my problem, at first the game finds matches fast and I can join them easily, but after a while of playing (it depends, sometimes happens after 1 hour, sometimes in 30 mins) suddenly the game says "migrating hosts" and kicks me out and when I try to find another match it keeps like that almost forever and if it finds players they immediately leave. My nat is OPEN so I don't know what's the problem. Oh and also when this happens, my internet won't load any page and my modem "says" there is internet connection but it won't load anything, so I need to disconnect the modem and reconnect it so it can work again, I didn't have this issue since I bought black ops 2, I don't know if it's just the game or my internet, I haven't really tried other games. So this is really annoying and I don't know what's wrong because everything was ok before this, I didn't change my modem or anything so this just happened out of nowhere.

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    Hello Traptrp,


    Are you hard-wird or wireless connected to your Xbox?

    When you are keeping disconnected from the Black Ops II Servers, return to Xbox Home and run a connection test:

    Xbox Home - Settings - System - Netwerk Settings - [choose network] - Test Xbox Live Connection.


    Please provide us with the results. You can do that by clicking on the end of the test on Y Button.

    Microsoft Community - Dutch Support

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    I use a hard wired connection, tomorrow when it happens again (everyday happens now) I'll give you the information you ask. thanks in advance

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    anyway you could try a wireless connection instead to see if that resolves the issue?

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    I do not have a wireless adapter pffff

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    ok it happened again, I did the test to check the connection and it says there's a problem with the IP address.

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    Greetings Traptrp!

    Appreciate if you can post up the make and model of your router and your modem as well (if this is not a combined gateway).

    If its possible, try with a different Ethernet cable to your console, if the one you use is faulty.

    Thank you!