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me ajudem toda fez que euconecto meu roteado no xbox asseita o wifi mias nao asseita o internet me ajudem pf !!
obs:da erro de dns


[Translation: help me all made that euconecto my asseita the wifi on the xbox routed mias asseita not the internet help me out pf!

Note: the dns error]


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    Hey there Lemming!

    I'm having a little trouble understanding the issue. Could you try explaining it in a different way, if possible?

    It looks like you're having some trouble connecting to Xbox Live, though so I'll link a couple guides that might help out. Here's one that will help you Troubleshoot your Xbox Live connection; and here's one for when you can say "I get an error message when I test my Xbox Live connection."

    I hope those help! If you need additional assistance please don't hesitate to post back and we'll help you to the best of our ability.

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    me ajudem estou tentando entra no xbox live e esta dando erro de dns conectei sem o wifi nao deu por favor pesso a ajuda de vcs