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Whenever I try to sign into my xbox live account, it says I need to add security proofs, however I cannot remember the email address used to access that account. When I try to find that account information by going to settings -> account, it won't allow me to access account because I can't sign into xbox live. How to fix this?

Notes: I'm writing from an older live account because I remember it's password/email.

Incase I'm not clear: Lets say my account that I'm trying to access is X. So I try to sign into X and it says "Need to update proofs" or something and "sign in". Then it asks for my email/password. I can't remember X's email address basically. And I can't find it cause it wont allow me to sign into xbox live. 

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    Your account's e-mail and password are your responsibility to remember, unfortunately in this case. If you have a payment option on the account you can verify, your best shot is to contact Xbox Support by phone:

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    I would suggest contacting xbox live support either Online chat or via phone

    You will get the best help their, they may ask for your gamertag and find what E-mail it is linked too

    and ask you some security questions.