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Giving 2 Xboxes on the same network and Open NAT Type

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I've been dealing with this problem for a while, and I'm starting to get upset the more I research this issue. It seems there's no definitive solution despite the mass amounts of players affected by this issue. Anyway, Here's my situation:

I have 2 Xbox 360's with two separate gold accounts that are on the same network and connect regularly. Maintaining and Open NAT type for either xbox is seemingly impossible, and no matter what I do both consoles are stuck on moderate-strict NAT types. There have been a few brief flashes of my Xbox receiving becoming "Open", but I'm just going to attribute that to some sort of error because it never happens for more then a single match, the other xbox goes to strict when it does happen, and it's not the solution I'm looking for.

My home network, or whatever you want to call it, consists of the following:

Xbox 1: Ethernet

Xbox 2: Wireless adapter

Router: Cisco/Linksys EA6500 "Smart WiFi", whatever that means.

Modem: Motorolla "SurfBoard" SB5101U

ISP: Comcast

When I log on to, where I have frequently been in order to attempt to put an Xbox in DMZ, raise it's prioritization level, manually add ports, etc, I can never get anything to work. I spoke with an Ambassador who was, although nice, unable to help me with this problem and directed me to call 800-4MY-XBOX, which I have yet to do. He informed me that my ISP doesn't allow for multiple open NAT types as a standard, and that he had had the same issue, and I should contact Xbox support.

Basically my question can be summarized in to this: Is my current setup able to hold two xboxes with open NAT types? If so, how do I go about doing so? If not, what do I need to change or do (I'm open to purchasing a new router or modem if absolutely necessary).

Thanks for your time, a response ASAP would be great.


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    hi so you are saying your router cant have two xbox's running at the same time? ok how many devices are connected on your wifi everyday band with may get lowered and two can you use a different gameing console (ps3 or wii) and also can you use xbox live with having only one xbox?

    oh p.s. plz dont put you ip address on the forums (hackers)

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    Thats not my IP, thats just the standard gateway IP. And I can have two Xboxes connected and playing no problem, it's just the NAT type that I'm having an issue with. While connected, they both have moderate NAT types which makes it difficult to host or join certain players' parties or lobbies. Oh, and theres probabl ~10 devices connected to my network at any given time, although they use a guest network. My two xboxes are on their own private network and are on a priority list, so it's not an issue with the amount of traffic.

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    MixxiMz, your network is only capable of Port-Forwarding 1 Xbox at a time. An Xbox 360 operates on the ports

    UDP Any -> 88

    TCP Any -> 3074

    UDP Any -> 3074

    Your IP (Internet Protocol) address can only send and receive packets through these ports to 1 device. A combination of a DMZ host (For Xbox #1) and portforward for the ports above (For Xbox #2) will not work. Your NAT will continue to be Moderate to Strict NAT.

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    So what do you suggest I do? Is there a way to change my network in order for it to allow the port-forwarding of multiple Xboxes simultaneously?

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    Hey Mix,

    Sorry to say, but your router does not support multiple consoles. You will need to do a little look around for a router that will.  

    There's a ton of routers listed in our networking hardware forums that you can find here: 

    Happy gaming!

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    Hey MixxiMz,

    You need to talk to your ISP about purchasing an additional public (WAN) IP address.  You need to have a second public IP address to allow both of your Xbox consoles to have open NAT port forwarding capabilities.

    Check out this link:

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    I solved this. Get a dummy switch. Turn off port forwarding and triggering. Static IP for XBOX connected to EA6500. Make static on first IP that shows OPEN NAT. Reserve that IP on router. Run second xbox one off of dummy switch. No extra config. Both show open NAT then. Also, make sure XBOX one has energy mode and NOT quick start enabled or the ports don't work. ;)

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    Microsoft says this will not work but it does with a cheap 4 port 100/1000 switch for the second xbox and the other mods above.