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System update error code

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I have been trying to install this new update on my xbox, and it keeps giving me an error code. I tried installing using a flash drive, but that isn't working either. the error code is 3F4B-0000-3000-0902-8007-045D. Please help me.

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    Hello. Sorry to hear about your problem.


    It has been stated that if you remove and reseat your internal Harddrive for the Xbox 360 then that should resolve this issue as found in this previously posted thread:


    For information on how to remove the internal harddrive please go here:


    Good luck.

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    A storage device (such as a memory unit or hard drive) was not found during the software update. Follow these steps: Turn off your console. Remove all console storage devices, including any USB flash drives, external hard drives or the internal hard drive on the Xbox 360 E console or Xbox 360 S console. Learn how to remove the hard drive. Add your primary storage device, for example, the hard drive. Turn on the console Try updating the console again.

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