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Help!!! Dish Network Satelite Internet Connection

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How do you connect XBOX live wireless to Dish Network Satellite Internet???

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    Hey there infectedvirus!

    Before we get started, could you answer a few questions for us so that we can get a better understanding of your network set up and your networking devices. Please read: And post back in full detail (the bits in bold). Thank you!

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    Hi, well some how after months of trying I seemed to connect tonight... Did nothing different than usual... Now Im signed in (which I haven't even been able to since May) but every time I go to do something, error code 80072746-00000000-00000000 pops up... Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Yes I have downloaded my profiles again, checked network connections. I have tried to do the system download again by usb but not sure if I am doing it correctly. I have windows 8 on my cpu if that makes a difference... something about conversions with the FAT32... idk Help Please

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    What is the make and model of your router and your model as well? Please, refrain yourself from making multiple threads regard to the same issue. Thank you!

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    Router is Linksys: Model -  WRT54GS Modem is Dish Hughes: Model - HT1000

    You will need to sign in to your modem's web utility interface and disable/turn off Web Acceleration. This feature, when enabled, is known to cause issues with the connection to Xbox LIVE.

    Please read: How to solve error code 80072746 with Hughesnet Gen4 HT1000 modem

    Post back and let us know how that goes and we'll go from there.