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update fall 2013

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so this was the fall 2013 update don't see anything new in it. what was in the update are we going too get another update soon for the dash for the trans to the xbox one like they said at E3...

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    I was a part of the Beta program and ever since It started I can't play a game, use an app or even edit my avatar without being forcibly signed out of Xbox Live. Now I hear the update has already been released for a while now and still it's not fixed for me. Do you know what a pain this is? I can't even edit my avatar unless I physically unplug the Ethernet cord from my 360, sign back in w/o internet, change it and then plug in and sign back on Live. Otherwise if I'm signed in and I try, it signs me out and makes me make a new avatar every time. I can't even get the latest update for Skyrim because I have to sign in after the game loads. This is B.S.! Please, if somebody knows what's wrong, can you please help me out?

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     Please refer to this thread for a possible solution and future troubleshooting of your issue. Thank you,

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