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My Xbox Live account is glitched, can't get Gold.

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I was on a Family Pack that my friend added me on so I could have Xbox Live Gold, I told him to change my gamertag, he bought me it, after that he removed me from his Family Pack because he bought me a 12 month gold. On my Microsoft Transactions thing it shows that my account has a Xbox Live 12 month on it, but when I go to it says that i'm a 'Free Member' and when I try to buy Xbox Live Gold on my console it says "Microsoft servers aren't working right now" something like that. When I try to buy Xbox Live Gold on it says

Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened.

It appears you've found a glitch in the system.

date: 9/6/2013 12:43:15 AM
code: EEEEEEEE8015000F
s: tNyIRLwwos/0brV+Lgh7vg==
id: 624120ff-17a6-4a08-8e2d-bf850de9ee17
req: f629dd66-06d5-43c0-a337-e55ae3a69840

it won't let me through to buy xbox live :/

On my current subscriptions it says 'Gold – 12 Month'. I don't know why I get these messages when I try to buy gold to try and fix it but my friends say it's because of something with the Family Pack.

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    Hey mate, it looks like there might be a billing issues with your account. To get this sorted you will need to get in contact with Xbox phone support:

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    Same thing happened to me recently. My existing Gold subscription expired, and I tried to buy another month on my console. It froze up, I shut it down and tried again, same result.

    Figured I'd try buying through and got the error code you did. My credit card has been charged, though. I contacted live chat and the guy had me do everything imaginable - erasing and redownloading my profile, clearing the system cache, resetting network preferences, removing and reinserting the HDD, etc. No luck. Now they say they'll contact me within 10 days.

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    Hi teaspoon,

    Sorry to hear you were having a similar issue, please keep us posted in a new thread on how things go when you hear back from chat support. This will help us keep the forums organized so we don't commandeer Bawzy's thread if he needs further support.

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    Hi, I've got the same problem with my Xbox and someone drom the chat support tried to solve my problems by doing several tasks. It wasn't working. She told me that she'll tell the problem to someone and send me a email but I haven't receive any mail yet.

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    Hi Neil,

    Sorry to hear you were having a similar issue, wait a couple days and please keep us posted in a new thread on how things go when you hear back from chat support. This will help us keep the forums organized so we don't commandeer Bawzy's thread if he needs further support.

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    Hey this just happened to me, i had to switch consoles and i first downloaded my stuff before i bought gold. Then i made the purchase and its saying that I found a glich in the system

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    Same error just occurred for me

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    OK seriously I just updated my Gold account, got the email that its payed for at this glitch comes up... Come on man... Your wasting my money cause I cant even play.

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    Finally had time to play tonight, took my brand new 360 out of the box and 4 hours later I have just looked at error messages.  I did all the new updates.  Then created a profile and signed up for the Gold Account so I could play online with friends, and now I continually see this error.  I have a receipt for my purchase of the Gold account.  I just want to play online... I am getting frustrated.

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    Just happened to me acouple of hours ago. I've tried resetting my router, hard drive, signing out, and just about everything else I could think of.  It's frustrating, and if I end up having to create a new account and lose all my game saves I will be incredibly unhappy.

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    If you look at the Xbox Live Status page, there is currently (at this time of posting) an issue that affects purchasing and managing your Gold Membership.

    If after the issue is resolved, your Gamertag still shows up as a free silver member, you need to contact the official support here.

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    Same thing is happening with me. I bought gold a couple of days ago and now I'm silver. I cant buy more gold or even take my card off of my account and that's the only thing that bothers me. My friend also tried to change his gt last night and got the same error.

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    I am getting this same problem. Just updated my account to Gold (confirmed payment on email). When I tried to manage things on the web I got the same error message as Bawzy in his first post.

    Very frustrating, right now I have paid for something I'm not getting!

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    I've been having this for 12 days. finally they found it...

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    Any solution yet? What about the money we spend on the membership we cant use?