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xbox live created online - cant log in from console

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I created my xbox live account on the web while looking at demos to add to a queue.

When on my console, it does NOT have the account box available. It wants to make me create an account, but I already have one. How can I deal with this so I can log in to my existing account? When I try to create an account, it tells me the email address or windows live account (something like that) is already associated with another gamertag and to use a different email address. What am I supposed to do?

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    Follow the instructions from here to download the account -

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    This sort of helps. I am able to do this to get the queued games downloaded, but I want to keep my original console profile that has all of the things we've earned over the past several months before I signed up for xbox live...the avatar settings...all that. By recovering the profile, I end up with the new profile on my console (had to rename my original) and my original still does not have a box for "account" that is active.

    This could/should be really simple. Isn't there a setting somewhere that I can say I *already have* an xbox live account instead of it asking me to create one so the account box will be active and just let me enter my email and password? It shouldn't be this complicated just because I set up the xbox live account online. I've tried creating others for my kids instead...but those say that the email isn't valid (basically with the windows live, hotmail, etc). I thought it was supposed to help you create a windows live account associated with your email if you didn't already have one. Creating through the xbox console is no easier than doing it online. Doing it online was easier, but can't seem to use the actual console profiles we've been using for months now without having xbox live.

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    Hi there, not sure if this is relevant, but when you first created your Xbox Live accounts, were they offline accounts? If so, this may be closer to what you're looking for: