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Xbox live sign in error

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I created a windows live account through the Xbox website. I am trying to sign in to marketplace on the console using my name, email address and password. It keeps telling me that the Windows live ID is associated with another gamer tag. However I can sign in using the exact same information in windows live. Help!!
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    Hey Guide, rather than trying to create on your account on the Xbox 360, can you please try the 'download profile' option instead? Please let me know if that helps! :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    i know mine trying to sign up with xbox live and it says that did yours do that?

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    MerryGull59014, these forums work best when you create a new thread with a first post of your own, as the original poster's problem and solution, although similar, could be very different in detail. It's great that you're researching here, but the quickest path to a solution is your own thread.

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    1) Tap the silver Xbox Guide button

    2) Select Download Profile (and if you don't see it, press the blue X button to make sure you're not signed in) and proceed with Profile Download.

    3) Enter the Microsoft Account addresse for your Xbox LIVE gamertag when asked.

    4) Enter the password for the Microsoft Account.

     4A) If your account is an Xbox LIVE child account, the parent’s Windows Live ID & password is required as well to download your profile.

    5) Pick the storage device for your profile (choose Hard Drive if you have one, or Memory Unit if you don't have a Hard Drive).

    6) When the download completes you will be asked if you want the console to remember your password. If it's your home console, I'd say yes, otherwise I'd think carefully about leaving my profile unprotected on somebody else's Xbox!

    7) Sign in, and retry.

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