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80151103 error

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I cannot log onto my xbox live account on my xbox - when I try this error message appears "80151103 error" saying it cannot be logged onto at this time. However this account CAN be logged onto on my xbox at home, it was logged onto and downloaded onto a memory stick and sent to my uni address, put onto the xbox harddrive here but will not connect to live. If I unplug the network cable I can log onto my account on the xbox, but as soon as I connect to the internet it asks for the password of my account, which I enter (correctly) and it tells me I cannot log on.

I have changed my password, reset all settings to factory, checked the network connection (all fine and dandy), and gone through every FAQ and procedure that customer service have thrown at me for the past 2 weeks. I can log onto, my live account email address and everything is fine. I have a gold account currently running, but I cannot log onto xbox live from my xbox.

I have read similar problems on the forums and no one seems to have any answers at all and everything I have been told to try or do I have done, and nothing works this end - this is a last resort before calling customer service on the phone and having a right old fit at some poor unsuspecting victim due to the sheer frustration of this situation! If anyone has any further ideas of what I can do to make my account work on my xbox at uni I would be very grateful, because at the moment I'm just pissing money and time down the drain!

Thanks for your help


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    Hey SQU0DGE, thank you very much for making this post. Okay, I can see that you're on a University connection--would you be able to let us know what University you're at specifically?

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement