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Connecting to Live via Hotel internet

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I'm on vacation and brought my xbox (haha), and I want to play xbox live - the hotel has great internet, but it requires you to enter a code when you open your internet browser (it's unsecured). I tried ethernet cord, but you still have to enter that code. Is there a way I can do that? Again, it's not a WEP code. This is an unsecured internet connection, but you have to enter a code to "log in". 

I'd love to play live, seeing as it's double xP weekend for MW3. Help a girl out? :)

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    Can you Set up an Internet Sharing with your Lap-top? It will depend on what OS you are using (Vista, Windows 8 and such) in order to know how.

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    You need 3 things.... 1) Do you have a laptop with you? 2) Can you connect to internet with your laptop 3) Are you comfortable doing a little work to earn that double XP?

    I assume you have a laptop since your were able to ask us for here goes:

    You are going to need to find a registered MAC address, connect your computer to the hotel network, go to any web page and then find your MAC address.

    Connect the ethernet cable to the hotel inlet and boot up your computer. You can  find your MAC address by clicking on Start on your computer, next click on Run and type CMD and then click OK.  You will then type in getmac and press enter. This will take you to Command prompt and it will show you your active Physical Address  should be something like- 00-34-19-61-65-7A  -write it down.

    We are almost there...

    Now disconnect the computer and connect the ethernet cable to your Xbox 360 and power it up.   Do the following:

    Go to MY XBOX (center button)

    Select System Settings

    Select Network Settings

    Highlight and select Configure network

    Move to the right to additional settings

    Select Alternative MAC Address and enter in your Mac start

    Make sure your IP settings and DNS settings are to automatic and you are ready to TEST XBOX  LIVE CONNECTION from the Network settings. You should be good to go xdeceiverrrr..Game on.

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    Please look at one or both of these guides for help on this set-up, you will need to use ICS to share the connection so you can login via your laptop:- (Microsoft Official Guide) (Unofficial Guide if you are still struggling)


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    I guess I should've mentioned I use a Mac computer :o) I was going to just do the MAC thing, but I don't know how to do that on an Apple computer. My xbox is the only Microsoft product I own lol

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    I can't vouch for it as I don't know Apple gear but this is your equivalent

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    If you can contact whoever maintains the network they can usually add the MAC address of your Xbox to a whitelist which would bypass the need to enter that code.

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    I am also a Apple guy....go to the apple in the upper left hand corner and left click toggle down to system preferences.  under Internet and Network click on Network.  Go to lower right hand corner of window and click on the advanced button.  click on the ethernet button and you will see Ethernet ID:  this is you Mac Address,  now go back to my posting from last night 5/26 at 7:05 am and follow the step starting at  We are almost there. Good Luck.

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    i have the same problem, but the only thing i don't have is the cable Ethernet... can help me?.  

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    Hey there Aryam! We'd love to help you! Go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue. Thanks!

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