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Error Code: 80070057

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I just got Xbox and it will not let me get my one month free trial for the Gold Membership. Everytime I try and confirm the purchase, it gives me the 80070057 error code. When i try and look up what the code means, it says it the code doesn't exist and it's very frustrating. Help!


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    Your more than likely getting this error message because you do not have a valid payment method attached to your XBOX Live account currently. In order to get the one month free trial you need to have a valid payment method attached as well as have your billing information filled in and correct on the billing site located here. This is a must and you do not get charged until the one month free trial is up. If you feel that you would like to continue with an XBOX Live Gold Membership after the one month trial is up it's $9.99 / month USD. If you would like to end the trial and not be charged for the next month, just turn off automatic renewal. Instructions to do that are located here. Unfortunately there's no way around not being able to add a valid payment method to get the one month free trial.

    Hope that answers everything. 

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