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Lag while playing on XBL

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Okay, so a month ago I got AT&T U-Verse internet: 12Mb/s downstream and about .98Mb/s up. For the first two weeks of service, everything ran fine. Then a little over two weeks ago stuff just went nuts. I am experiencing lag so bad that I literally can't hope to play really anything online. I play a ton of BF3 online and the issue as it appears while playing that game is me running through a map and, for no reason (no obstacles in the way) I run in place for about a second then start moving again. That also lasts for only about a second because I am then teleported backwards to the spot where I just lagged and ran in place at. It's the most infuriating problem I've ever experienced in the many years I've been gaming online. Whether I'm driving a vehicle, firing my weapon, or just walking around, this problem is rampant and happens anywhere from 1-10 times a minute. People I play say that on their screen, when I'm having the issue, I'm just running in place. This same problem occurs when I play any game, Call of Duty as another example. I'm playing on an old Pro model 360 with the original white wireless network adapter. Gateway is only about 15 feet away.

What Country/State/Province do you live in? 
Modem brand & model number:
Motorola NVG510
Router brand & model number:
Same as above (it's a router/modem combo)

After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.)
0000 - 0021
0000 - F001
20A8 - 48E0
0000 - 0000
0015 - 10F1
0015 - 10F1

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    Oh and I live in the U.S. in Alabama.

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    Greetings, AMBIENCE90. Does the lag only occur when attempting to play BF3 or do you experience lag when using the dashboard or running any apps as well? If you can clarify exactly when it occurs that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Standing by for your response.

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    No, it's only while playing multiplayer games online. As far as I can tell, all the apps stream content fine. I keep referencing this thread:

    Did his problem ever get fixed? If so, how? I feel like we're having the same issue. Could the router/modem box I have be having some issues broadcasting a G-signal with enough bandwidth for me to play? Would getting an N-adapter help? I'm desperate for a solution in any form at this point.

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    I just checked a few more things to try and narrow this problem down. Went a played a few games of Killzone 3 on my PS3, which runs wireless as well. Absolutely no troubles whatsoever. After that, booted up the 360 and checked the situation on Netflix and Hulu. Definitely seems like the issue lies solely with the Xbox. Both Netflix and Hulu could only manage a 2-out-of-4 bars stream quality level, which should definitely not be happening since I have a 12Mbps downstream connection. This leads me to believe the problem is the network adapter. You guys have any thoughts on all this?

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    I also just ran a wire from the 360 to the router/modem box to see what happened with that. Booted up BF3 and played a 45 minute match with absolutely no problems. Silky smooth. I'm assuming this means the issue lies with the communication between my wireless adapter and my router? You guys think getting the N-adapter would solve the problem or am I going to be forced to run wired only?

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    I've done some searching around the internet for you and it seems that multiple people were able to solve their own issue by changing some settings in their Motorola NVG510.

    Please try to open the ports following the step by step instructions on this website here. If you get any sort of popup asking you to buy anything just press the X button on the popup. It's a free manual service, just make sure you follow the step by step instructions and the pictures that will guide you on how to essentially solve this problem that your facing.

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    Before I try this, just in case it doesn't work is this going to mess anything up for any other devices on my network? If it doesn't fix the XBL problem and I end up buying that N-adapter, will I have to change any settings back to their defaults or anything like that?

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    Nope, it should not affect any of your other devices, this will just be for your XBOX 360 (there's a device drop down selection) you would need to select your Wireless XBOX device from the list.

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