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Can't join my friends parties or play on their minecraft world

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 I really need help. I got an xbox in november and have barely played it since, now i bought minecraft for it and want to play online with my friends. My friend is able to play online on modern warfare with little to no lagg. so i know this problem isnt coming from my Wifi card. However when i try to join my friend's party on minecraft it says xbox live cannot connect. I've tryed with all of my friends, they cant connect to me and i cant connect to them, I've heard all this stuff about NAT(i think that's what it was) but no one has given a clear answer on what it is or how to fix it. I've seen things about Upno (or something) but again no clear instructions on how to fix it. I tryed calling the customer support number which directed me to this website where i found no way to chat with an agent whatsoever. I would really enjoy it if someone could help me out :(.

If an agent of anyone could direct me to where i could talk with an agent one on one about my apparently unique situation i would be forever thankful :)

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    By the way when i test the connection the yellow exclamation point pops up between my device and the internet portion of the test.

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    Start by checking this link and recording the data It mentions: . It sounds like either you , or your friend may have a restricted NAT. Check this link for information on how to resolve NAT problems.