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Error Code: 80151012

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I keep attempting to access my Xbox Live account, but I keep getting an error code, 80151012. I've Googled this problem and talked to Xbox Support about it. They suggested I reset my password. I did so and it didn't work. I've updated my account and removed old e-mails and phone numbers and I still get the same error code. I've also done several other things to try and resolve the issue, including removing my profile from my 360. This led to me being unable to re-download my profile because when I attempt to I get the error code message. I've e-mailed Customer Support about it and they just suggested I do things I've already tried to do to no avail. I've also tweeted @XboxSupport, but that also got me nowhere.

My Gamertag is buddyacker and my Windows Live ID is[Mod Removed]

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    I'm getting the error code when I attempt to access my Windows Live account on Xbox Live. My 360 has no problems connecting to Xbox Live, but when I try to sign in using my Windows Live ID I get the error code message.

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    the only way to resolve this is to talk to xbox support, if they suggest you do something you've already done tell them and they'll suggest something else.

    phone numbers:

      * United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico: 1-800-469-9269 or 1-800-4MY-XBOX

      * United Kingdom: 0800 587 1102

    Also see this forum for account related questions:


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    So, to recap, you canaccess your account on your Xbox, correct? 1) Yes/No   Please advise.

    The problem is onlywhen you try to access your account on the web, right? 2) Yes/No   Please advise.

    I do suggest

    3) Not using Google Chrome. It seems not to render ASPX pages well (IMHO). Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are better than Chrome in this regard.

    4) Doing Ctrl-Shift-Del and clearing Cookies and Temporary Internet Files/Cache, not History, not anything else, and preserving Favorites Data. Then, try connecting to the website, then after logging in there, go to and changing your Security Question and Secret Answer (which, if there is a block from Windows Live ID, a separate division of Microsoft, which keeps all credentials for all Microsoft Accounts, will show a block error message).


    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    This error code state that there is an issue with your Windows Live ID and that your account is blocked, often due to spam. Are you able to sign in to: without encounter any issues?

    State your question here and you will be further assist:

    Also, see similar issue:

    Post back and let us know how it goes.

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    I got the sa,w issue. I've done all they've asked and I can't get on my Xbox live

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    Hey there, Daelom. As this thread is quite old can you create a new thread for us? Be sure to include a full description of your situation including any error codes or messages you are seeing and the troubleshooting steps you have tried so far. Thanks in advance!

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