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Trying to connect xbox 360 to Verizon Jetpack 890L

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I am trying to connect to a Jetpack 890L and think Port Forwarding may be my only option as I cannot see anything that enable UPnP? Anybody else connect through this device?

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    Looks like your modem is not compatible with the xbox.  Look at this list, Xbox LIVE compatible hardware list. 

    I don't see Verizon Jetpack 890L anywhere in there.  If possible get a router that is compatible with the Xbox.  If you have any question on what is compatible click on the link I provided you.  Good luck!

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    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    i have been trying to fix this for days now. i have a jetpack 890l going to a netgear range extender wn2000rpt v2 then (by ethernet) to a seperate d-link router. it is hard to get into the d-link router but after several attempts it let me in.  i then put my xbox into DMZ(de-militarize zone) and opened all four ports. the d-link router was used before when i had att dsl internet.

    the jetpack has no UPnP and when i port forward thru the jetpack or dmz thru the jetpack nether would work. i called both xbox and verizon but they couldnt figure it out. i suggested i try the above idea and the xbox support person said it may work. and it did.

    if u are use a wireless adapter or an xbox with wireless i suggest getting a wireless router and link it to the jetpack. this was the only way i could get mine to work. just make sure it is a xbox live compatible router d-link has served me well for years but netgear make some also.

    I hope this helps!

    P.S. THANK YOU Amilia(maybe misspelled) from xbox tech support for trying so hard to fix this when verizon tried to pass the buck.